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A Programme to Poison A Nation  Once again, Kiwi author Bill Benfield delivers the truth about the New Zealand government’s love affair with Compound 1080, a poison so powerful both the US and Canada consider it a chemical weapon of mass destruction. And yes, it is dropped out of aircraft and exported around the world as “conservation.”

The Lord Howe Island Rat Eradication Programme  located in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand, plans are in the works to carpet bomb this UNESCO World Heritage Site with approx 52 tonnes of brodifacoum.

PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) 

New Revisions Weaken Scientific Integrity Safeguards  Adopted on December 17, 2014 without any prior review of its provisions, the revisions completely rewrite Interior’s Scientific Integrity rules first adopted in 2011, inserting a score of changes. In a brief press statement, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell contends the revisions “strengthened” agency protections against political manipulation of science and reflect “lessons learned over the past three years.” Yet all of the changes tilt in one direction, making it harder to bring and pursue charges of misconduct while blurring lines of accountability for what happens when scientific misconduct is proven, including –

Scientific Fraud Infests US Fish & Wildlife’s Top Ranks    Washington, DC —An explosive whistleblower hearing transcript paints a vivid picture of rampant scientific misconduct, callous reprisal and systemic mendacity within the upper echelons of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) which posted the full texts today. The transcript also illustrates how a highly-touted agency Scientific Integrity Policy has become a tool for just the opposite. 

At War with Nature: Corporate Conservation and the Industry of Extinction  William Benfield provides the history of the island eradication business and how the government of New Zealand has created an industry exporting pest control (using dangerous, toxic poisons) to islands around the world.


Endangered Rock Wrens Vanish after aerial drop of Compound 1080  A group of endangered rock wren vanish after the gov’t of New Zealand carries out an aerial poison drop of Compound 1080.

Huffington Post – Farallon Islands

The Farallon Island Mouse Eradication Project: The “Con” in Conservation  After reading and fact checking the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the Farallon Islands Mouse Eradication Project, Island Watch Founder and Executive Director Maggie Sergio has her analysis published by the Huffington Post.

The Farallon Islands, USFWS and Island Conservation’s Tax Free Government Contracts  A FOIA request into US Fish & Wildlife and a partnership with Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Huffington Post – New Zealand

New Zealand 100% Pure: Shattering the Illusion of Green, Clean & Pristine  New Zealand documentary film maker Clyde Graf and Maggie Sergio team up for this hard look at the gov’t of New Zealand’s conservation practices. These practices are also exported as a business around the world.

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Threats to contaminate the Diary Industry with Compound 1080  The total irony of this story is that Oregon Congressman Pete DeFazio tried to get Tull Chemical, the only known producer of Compound 1080 in the world shut down about 10 years ago.  DeFazio went to the EPA and Congress, stating that if 1080 got into the wrong hands, it could be used for by terrorists to contaminate the water supply of a given region. It appears now, it has fallen into the wrong hands. However the question remains, if the gov’t of NZ first heard about this threat in November of 2014, why on earth did they wait until March, 2015 to announce this safety threat to the public?

New Zealand’s Dept of Conservation Responsible for Rat Plagues

Trout Mass Poisoned by Compound 1080  When you poison the ecosystem, you end up poisoning yourself.

Women become Ill After 1080 Poison Drop  Two sisters out on a picnic become ill after being showered with 1080 pellets. Now there are rumors they were harassed and have dropped out of sight.

what’s up doc095  What’s Up Doc? What if New Zealand’s entire conservation policy has been based on a massive mistake?

New Zealand Herald

Kiwis on both sides of US poison bait war

Scoop, Independent News

Threat to Farm Stock Following 1080 Drops Concerning

Videos from the Graf Boys, New Zealand 

1080 Poison Cover-Ups, Farmers Speak Out

Mt Pirongia Poison Drop Violates Manufacturer’s Label

Poisoning Paradise, Ecocide New Zealand

Poisoning Stewart Island

Mike Meads, Invertebrate